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Setting Sail in 40 Days

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Life's not easy sometimes, we can get tossed about and not know which way to go. Lucky for us though, daily meditation is one of the best and most simple tools for helping us navigate choppy waters and turn our struggle into tranquility. This is an introductory mindfulness meditation course that will help you establish an ongoing daily practice in a simple, straightforward and lighthearted environment from the comfort of your own home. The course is split up into six sections, each of seven days and the last of five. The first day of each week is marked by a video overviewing some theory and a new meditation technique. These sessions are 30-60 minutes. The next six days comprise solely of the sitting meditation exercise, lead by Fletch. By the end of the course you will be able to meditate in silence, by yourself for 20 minutes and have formed a new daily habit. In these 40 days we will cover vast topics, from what the present moment actually is and why being there is helpful, to physiology, neurology and behaviour, wisdom and compassion, and how we can use meditation to break unskilful behaviour patterns and establish new, beneficial ways of going about life. Throughout the course, Fletch draws on knowledge from modern science and western philosophy as well as Buddhism and other world religions, indigenous knowledge systems and secular mindfulness, thereby straddling the gap between spirituality and practicality.





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