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setting sail into daily practice
an introductory course 

meditate with fletch online, introductory course for meditation

It’s not easy to get to know ourselves more deeply and it’s not easy to establish a new meditation practice. That’s why this program was established - to create a welcoming environment to support you to integrate this new practice into your life. Everyone has their own reasons for practising meditation and yours is your own and no one else's. I will help you connect with your reasons so you can use them as drivers to flourish and succeed with your new skill. 


The six-week Setting Sail into Daily Practice course is designed for people who have little or no experience in meditation and want to integrate it into their lives.

The course is delivered online, classes are 1-1.5 hours each week and the cost is $180. During the course, you will learn four core meditation techniques and understand their aspects and relationships to individuals and the world, have teachings and discussions on meditation, what the present moment actually is, and why being there is helpful as well as discussion on physiology, neurology and behaviour, wisdom and compassion, and how we can generate more skillful behaviour patterns. Each week you will get take-home material to read as well as written meditation instructions. 


We'll delve into why we’re often not in the present moment even though we think we are, our anchors to the present moment including our breath and our bodies, the wisdom that reveals itself to us in that moment, how we can use this wisdom to break unskillful thought and behaviour patterns, and how to generate new thoughts and behaviours that more loving and compassionate in order to bring positivity and abundance to our lives.    

Throughout the course, I draw on lessons and theories that have been gained from Buddhism and other world religions, modern science and philosophy, indigenous knowledge systems, secular mindfulness and my own learning and observation, to bring you a course that is fully encompassing and aligned with our present day lives. 


By learning to listen to yourself during your meditation practice, you will start to unwrap the layers of your life, thoughts and behaviours that will allow you to know yourself on a deeper and more harmonious level. To some, this can sound scary, especially if we have been pushing that side of us away for many years. You can rest assured though that these meditation techniques are a gentle way to start this process and they will encourage learnings to happen in timeframes that are best for you. 

Come take the next step in knowing yourself, it's actually really easy. 


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Financial Assistance?

Really want to take control of your mental health but struggling to find the funds? Just get in touch and let me know about your situation and we'll be able to figure out an affordable solution for you. 

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